First Step


Jennifer holds a M.Ed. in International Education and is a qualified teacher with 8+ years experience teaching in international schools.

When I was 14 years old, the son of an Auschwitz survivor spoke at my school in Oregon. His talk sparked a deep interest in Holocaust history, human rights and human behavior, which led me to Germany.

After two decades of teaching Holocaust history in Europe, Africa and the United States, I notice that many young people are just as curious as I was twenty-five years ago. They ask:

  • How did it happen?
  • Why does genocide still happen?
  • What can we do?

I meet teachers who want to teach Holocaust history effectively, but feel overwhelmed. They express the need to process their own feelings, ask questions and learn. Teachers based in Europe often want students to see the actual places where the Holocaust happened, locate a speaker or design a service learning project around a memorial, but are not sure how or where to start.

I offer this space as a first step. Let’s create a supportive learning community to explore and document how to learn from the memorials, and authentic sites across Europe. What stories do these sites and memorials have to tell us?

Thank you and welcome!


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