Genocide & Human Rights online class Sept-Dec.

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Global Online Academy is offering a class on genocide and human rights:


Students in this course study several of the major genocides of the 20th century (Armenian, the Holocaust, Cambodian, and Rwandan), analyze the role of the international community in responding to and preventing further genocides (with particular attention to the Nuremberg tribunals), and examine current human rights crises around the world. Students will read primary and secondary sources, participate in both synchronous and asynchronous discussions with classmates, write brief papers, read short novels, watch documentaries and develop a human rights report card web site about a nation in the world of their choice.


Unit 1: Introduction and Human Rights Origins
Unit 2: Genocide: What It Is and Why It Occurs
Unit 3: The Armenian Genocide
Unit 4: The Holocaust
Unit 5: The Nuremberg Tribunals
Unit 6: The Cambodian Genocide
Unit 7: The Rwandan Genocide
Unit 8: Modern Genocides
Unit 9: Responding to the Genocide
Unit 10: Focus Nation Websites and Policy White Paper